This Week in ds106: Tune in Tokyo

This afternoon I caught up with Scott Lockman to talk about the awesome work his students over at Temple University, Japan (TUJ) have been doing thus far. Over the past week one of the TUJ students submitted this Patty Pioneers assignment and it has taken off throughout the ds106 community since. Scott and I spend this special weekend edition of “This Week in ds106” talking about the frame for Scott’s class, the power of creative assignments, the possibility for student work going viral, as well as a look at Scottlo’s Glengarry, Glenn Ross-inspired pep talk to his students titled “Always Be Tweeting.” A-game!

Below are a list of Patty Pioneers we feature (or should have featured) in this episode of T.W.i.d.

Neopessimist23’s “Weiner eating a wiener”

TUjournal’s “Ted Nelson: He did  more than share a burger”

TechIntersect’s “Microchip Inventor has a snack”

WritingDegreeZero’s “GNU Pioneer devours DQ Special”

LockmanTUJ’s “Tim Berners-Lee receives honorary chicken basket”

Noise Professor’s “Babbage Says Hell Yeah Carne Asada Fries”

RaptNRent’s “Fries n’ Chips”

jmster88’s “Alan Kay’s Burger Conundrum”

The Rimes Times’s “Who Invented the Internet”

RI12211’s “Patty Pioneers”

Giulia Forsythe’s “Ada Lovelace”

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  1. Giulia says:

    I love these weekly wrap ups. It’s like you let us all go crazy, random, freeform, creative then help us make sense of it all by connecting dots and shifting the perspective to the big picture. It’s beautiful to witness.

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