This Week in ds106: Valentine’s Day, Design, and Jamming (5.2)

On Tuesday, February 14, 2012 (Week 5) I introduced the Design portion of class. This is a particularly fun part of class for me, and in this video we discuss the art of jamming in ds106 (thanks to inspiration from Noise Professor), captioning Romance Novels (thanks to ds106 alum Sarah Kountz), and Design as cultural intervention. It was a fun class!

As soon as I get a little time I am going to write about how amazing it is to have alum like Sara Kountz, Megan McMillian, Charlie Rocket, Matt Martin, and many, many more who can actually intervene in the course in many ways. What’s more, Sarah’s awesome idea for an assignment early that afternoon informed how I taught the class that evening. And what’s more, it worked! But that blog post is coming.

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  1. cali4beach says:

    I’m excited for this blog post 😛 so is Megan mc!

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