#tic104: Wrapping Week 1, Look Forward to Week 2

We covered a lot in class today, and that goes for week 1 more generally. I’ll be writing a separate post about our discussion of chapter 2 of Where the Wizards Stay Up Late, so this post will mainly be covering deadlines, requirements and what to expect as we move into week 2.

Research and Summaries
The researching and summaries are coming along, though a couple of folks need to get the ball rolling on this pronto. Life moves pretty fast during summer session. If you don’t stop and do your work once in a while, you could fail it.


Six summeries due today, six more by this Saturday at 11:59 PM. Let us know if there are any issues. Also, reminder that next week there’s no class on Monday, May 26th, but we will be making that day up by meeting Friday, May 30th.

Additional Readings

Readings for Week 2

A few more readings for next week:

Steven Levy’s Hackers doesn’t really work here. While I wanted more historical context for the 70s and 80s, much of this is hardware and software rather than internet—so one less thing to do.

The Internet Course Wiki
I’ll be adding each of you to The Internet Course wiki, you can see the week two page here.  The tutorial for how to use MediaWiki can be found here. Both pages link off the main page of the wiki. The wiki should be a space you all start tracking add your contributions, sharing links, and generally organize the resource you’ll be building for Week 2.

Week 2 Project: History of the Internet Timeline
Kimberlee and Alex will be the directors for week 2, and we decided during class that the overarching project we will be building is a timeline of the Internet, which will be due by 11:59 PM, Monday, June 2nd.

The ARPANET research group from last semester has kindly agreed to let you copy and build on their timeline on the early history of the internet that they built in TimelineJS. So you have a  great start, you only have four and a half more decades to go. ROughly a decade a day next week!  I’ll share the spreadsheet with all of you, and we’ll talk about how to use it Tuesday.

You all might want to start brainstorming and communicating via email, Google Docs, on the wiki, etc. How to handle this precisely will be up to this week’s directors to decide.

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  1. Your students will hate me, but the Rolling Stone SPACEWAR article is probably a good replacement for Levy.

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