UMW Blogs in Berlin?

That’s right sports fans, UMW Blogs is now an international teaching tool. UMW professor James Harding of the English, Linguistics, and Communication department has been running two course blogs for classes he is teaching this semester at the Freie Universität Berlin. Harding is in Berlin for the year as a visiting scholar as part of a grant, and his research in Avant-Garde theater as well as the commodification of radicalism in 60s culture makes for some fascinating and rich course sites. You can see his blog for American Avant-Garde Performance here, and the marketing Radicalism course blog here.

What’s so cool about all this to me is that he is introducing blogging to graduate seminars in Germany, and as far as he knows—this kind of approach is truly a fringe experiment at the Freie Universität Berlin. It’s both rewarding and exciting to see UMW’s finest sharing what they do so well with students and faculty abroad, and to have almost 30 students from the Freie Universität Berlin using UMW Blogs this semester without a glitch is a testament to how god damned good it is.

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