Last week was intense, I came off a week’s vacation and the spring semester was in full effect at Reclaim already. It was head’s down most of the week, but one small highlight for me was getting a ticket from a client that certain students were having problems getting email confirmations after registering, which in WordPress Multisite (WPMS) means the their user’s account sits in limbo. They can’t be seen by the site administrator, but when they try to sign-up again the email is noted as already part of the system. Frustrating. The only real way to find them is to dig into the database, which can be a non-starter for some.


Well, I remembered there was a plugin that helped with this, but I had forgotten it was written by the great Boone Gorges. It is a really useful plugin: it lists all unconfirmed users; allows you to re-send the email; and/or you can override the system and add an unconfirmed user so they can get going with a quick password reset. It’s a must have for a WPMS administrator managing a fair amount of users, and it seems odd this is not part of the core code for WPMS by now. What’s more, unlike the WPMU Dev creeps, it’s open and free! Thank you, Boone!

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