What Would Tom Woodward do?

So I have been preparing a post to discredit Tom Woodward because he is increasingly becoming everyone’s favorite technologist here at UMW’s DTLT, and quite frankly it’s driving me crazy. It’s always Tom Woodward this, and Tom Woodward that. Or even “What Would Tom Woodward Do?” It’s not fair, I mean I’m the bava, I shouldn’t pander to some lowly K-12 technologist. I coined EDUPUNK, damn it, (albeit with the help of Brian Lamb). Why does everyone love Tom Woodward? What’s so great about him? I mean just cause he’s been recycling his archive to relive the glory days of teaching is no reason to but him on a pedestal, right? Just cause he writes precise and hysterical lampoons, dreams up brilliant projects for his students, tears Portaportal a new one, and writes succinct and useful WPMu posts—all within a week no less—is no reason to exaggerate his significance.

And while I still felt the momentum to knock him down a notch after reading all of this, it wasn’t until I dug into his Tech Ninja videos that I lost all motivation and finally had to cry “uncle!” to the greatness that is Bionic Teaching. If you haven’t seen his Technology Ninja videos, I highly recommend “Servers and Shortcuts” and “Drinking Dangers”, both of which are freaking hysterical for starters (I’m including them below). It really just doesn’t get any better than this, and I am now an acolyte and true believer. I have officially agreed to help build the Tom Woodward votive shrine here in the DTLT headquarters. But I still hate him!

Download Servers and Shortcut
Download Drinking Dangers

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7 Responses to What Would Tom Woodward do?

  1. Alan Levine says:

    “bava loves tom”…. it’s about time bava saw the light and joined the cult.

  2. Scott Leslie says:

    “the beachball of doom!” Inspired, the tech ninja video especially is a lot of fun. Those kids are lucky to have him.

  3. Tom says:

    I will not be killed with kindness. Bavaman, prepare yourself.

  4. Rev, here’s what I do when this happens to me:

    Get some fish, and make a sandwich. Hide the sandwich in Tom’s desk. Watch what happens – people won’t like Tom anymore.

    Easy peezy.

  5. Tom says:

    I will find any such sandwich, eat it and enjoy it. Then Jim will have just made me lunch.

    Besides, k12 don’t take kindly to prissy higher ed trespassers.

  6. Reverend says:

    @Dr. Fascistly,
    Don;t listen to Tom, he won;t eat anything save a Creatine wheatgrass juice cocktail.


    You K-12ers are so rough and tumble, you need to come up to higher ed so we can polish some of those rough edges, cause you’d make a fine instructional technologist once I run you through the bava school of culture and manners.

  7. Tom says:

    Jim, I would eat virtually anything to prove a point (crickets for instance, your liver, twinkies).

    Perhaps you’ve forgotten I worked with you in higher ed for 48 hours or so. You refused to speak to me and would sigh loudly when I could come around. I cried every night.

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