Wire 106: S01E09 “Game Day”

This is our discussion about the 9th episode of Season 1 of The Wire: “Game Day.” And that’s nine episodes of The Wire by the first week of class—that’s pretty awesome. And if you have kept up with them so far, then you are too! Next week we’ll be dialing back the pace considerably, only doing 3 episodes a week. That should bring us into Season 2 by week 3. It’s our plan to get through 4 seasons of The Wire this semester, and then have fun with Season 5 over winter break for any and all who might be interested ;)

Also, be sure to check out Paul Bond’s notes on episode 9.  Paul has done a tremendous amount of work with the sound editing of the more recent episodes, and we’ll be having a special radio discussion dedicated to sound some time this week, we’ll be sure to announce it for anyone interested in participating. What’s more, looks like we will be bringing in the sound editor for the series, Jen Ralston, to talk about her work on the show. This should prove amazing! We’re still working on a time and day, so I’ll keep everyone posted.

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