Wire 106: S02E10 “Storm Warnings”

For this video discussion of Season 2 Episode 10 of The Wire, “Storm Warnings,” Paul Bond and I were joined by quite a number of UMW #wire106 internauts Demi Fulcher, Alison Thoet, Stefanie Reutter, Meredith Fierro, and Maggie Stough. This discussion was once again focused around screenshots from this episode that each participant shared in order to speak to design in some fashion. These screenshots could be about composition, set design, costume design, etc. My initial series of shots to get the conversation rolling were focused around various surfaces, in particular countertops, as design spaces in this episode. Interesting how rich these seemingly invisible spaces are when you slow down to look carefully. Having a shared focus of attention for the discussions like these screenshots is proving really useful, and relatively successful.

The thirty screenshots we discussed are included below just in case you want a closer look. Enjoy!

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