#wire106 Comin’ Yo!

The video George Velestianos linked to in the above tweet gets at what could be far better than my  last post introducing this fall’s #ds106. It’s all about “Omar comin'”!  Make Art, dammit, because it’s all in the game, yo! 

Also, for anyone interested—and this ofer may be limited to folks in the—you can sign-up for a free, 30-day trial of Amazon Prime so that you can binge watch the first few seasons to get yourself in creating shape 🙂 See you in Hamsterdam, hippies!

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3 Responses to #wire106 Comin’ Yo!

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  2. Sandy Brown Jensen says:

    “Omar comin’?” What is up with all that? Are you saying watch a season of street gang action? My goodness, how DO you imagine your next batch of DS106ers? All strutting, testosterone-driven gangsta wannabes?
    Okay, you have my attention; I’ll watch YOU closely to see what the heck you’re up to! But if that video clip was an advertisement to watch the series, so NOT.

    • Reverend says:

      I never ever pretended to know what I am doing 🙂 The thing I hope that emerges from watching The Wire is Simon’s critique of the post-industrial US cities, and just how institutions dehumanize those they are supposed to server systematically. So, the whole gangsta-wannabe clip was simply to get them in the door, the brainwashing will commence soon after that 🙂

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