WordPress Backups in Reclaim Cloud

Screenshot of WordPress Back-up Addon Interface

WordPress Back-up Addon Interface

I recently wrote up a support guide that outlines how to backup a WordPress environment in Reclaim Cloud. We already take regular nightly backups of all environments that are  kept for 14 days, but those can only be restored upon request.

Screenshot of backup server setup dialogue box

Reclaim Cloud backup server setup dialogue box

With this approach you can manage backups based on your specific needs. Whether it’s hourly, weekly (or even a specific day of the week), monthly, etc., it’s all possible. Add to that on-demand backups if, for example, you need to test something in the moment and want a quick and easy method to restore if things go south. And there is no two-week limit as with the automatic backups, you control how long they stay around. This tool comes in really useful for folks who want to manage their own backups, and the additional insurance is never a bad thing.

Screenshot of Reclaim Cloud WordPress backup server options dialogue box

Reclaim Cloud WordPress backup server options

Having working backups has been one of the essential elements of keeping Reclaim Hosting running as smoothly as it does. And while not always the sexiest topic, I always feel better knowing they’re around. We can also use Jetbackup in Reclaim Cloud environments for an additional licensing and storage cost which also allows for on-demand backups, what’s more they would happen in a completely different data center to ensure even further redundancy. That would be a nice addition to the current feature in Reclaim Cloud, allowing folks to backup and restore from (and possibly to) a different region in the unlikely event the entire data center is offline. This does overlap a bit with some of the WordPress multiregion hosting we have been doing at Reclaim Hosting this year, and while we can setup region-by-region backup servers for a multi-region environments, they’re still tied to the region the instance lives it—to have these backup environments be region-agnostic across our cloud servers would be pretty badass.

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