12 in 17

I just realized as I was trying to file away 2017 that this blog turned 12 years old two weeks ago with no fanfare. Maybe that’s proof it has become so much a part of the fabric of my life that I can take it for granted. At this point I’ve been blogging for more than a quarter of my entire life. And the long list of personal and professional riches that resulted from regularly sharing my incoherence over that time still shocks the hell out of me. 

Scared Mario Bava GIF BY Kino Lorber

This year was a relatively quiet one on the bava with 117 posts (or a post every 3 days or so). I travelled a lot in 2017, which can throw off my writing rhythm quite a bit. That said,  I’ve also been intentionally slowing things down in terms of blogging to focus on getting back into physical shape, reconnecting with my family during the 9 months I’m not traveling, and generally taking the pressure off a bit. That said, I passed a pretty big personal milestone this year hitting the 3000 posts mark and regardless of intensity, blogging still provides the best outlet I’ve ever had to share my thoughts and ideas freely. I find myself still blogging about random stuff without much of a pre-defined focus (save Reclaim and presentations), and I love that my most visited posts this year (combining for 30,ooo visitors) were guides for bypassing region lock on the 3DS. I’m in the wrong racket 🙂 Thanks for any and all folks how graced the bava with their presence this year, I remain a very big fan!

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