A Bava Bumrush of WordCamp NYC

Image of WordCamp NYCI’m pretty excited for the upcoming WordCamp in NYC, not only is it a wonderful excuse to go back home, but it is also shaping up to be one of the biggest WordPress shindigs ever. Moreover, it’s being hosted at CUNY’s Baruch College providing some well-earned recognition of the amazing work happening at Blogs@Baruch—a recent example of which is their Freshman seminar blogging initiative. And it is really cool to see CUNY once again involved in a WordPress event, and fine work by Mikhail Gershovich and Luke Waltzer for brining Baruch into the equation—-an institution can be very useful for hosting an event like this 🙂

Now, I have the added bonus of presenting in the Education track (yep, there is an education track!), and assuming my third child due in early December doesn’t come earlier, I’m planning to do a NYC film-based presentation focused on gentrification, LMSs, and the open source community (a mashup of this blog post and this paper).  Working title is “EDUCHUDS: the Gentrification of Web-Based Education.” And I’ll have to work in, The Warriors (1979), and Times Square (1980), and Escape from New York (1981), I mean what better than to marry my various loves: instructional technology, WordPress, and b-movies?

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3 Responses to A Bava Bumrush of WordCamp NYC

  1. Luke says:

    We’re psyched to have you back where you belong.

  2. Andy Rush says:

    I love the NYC subway-esque logo!

  3. Mikhail says:

    CUNY’s prodigal son will soon return and chase the CHUDs from our sewers. Many thanks for the bavalove.

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