A chat on ego

me: see those guys scare me with all the ego talk
they are so down on ego
but my blog is all ego
as is my persona
so I feel out of place when they start talking that way
i’m fucking Jim groom, damn it
they owe me

bionicteaching: the davey crockett of the blog world

me: exactly i want some fucking respect,
not some self effacing lie
i command and deserve it damn it

bionicteaching: call in your chips

me: it’s time
see you’d love those guys because you’re like that too
all I’m nothing, I could die and the world would be better off, etc.,
you know, zombie shit
not me, the world would suck if I died
i know that, first hand
look at it before I came

well you’re a player

me: fucking hitler and stalin and shit like that

bionicteaching: I’m a backstage guy
true true
you did fix hitler
I appreciate that

me: hahaahah
thanks dude, no one ever gives me love for that
it kinda pisses me off

bionicteaching: I bet

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4 Responses to A chat on ego

  1. Reverend says:


    That is so completely inline with the tone of this conversation that I m lost for words–a rare, rare occurrence 🙂

  2. Ed Webb says:

    And yet you respond. With words. Did you just create a paradox on the internets? Be careful – I don’t want you fixing the intertubes like you fixed AH.

  3. Andy says:

    A quick word on ego:

    I rule!

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