Rick Wakeman eat your heart out!

Well, Stephen Downes has pointed to Lorna Campbell’s “The Dawn of Eduprog” post, a kind of code concept rock semantified at the recent CETIS08 conference. And make no mistake about it, this genre of edtech promises to challenge EDUPUNK at its very core. And given my own weakness for capes and complex synthesizer solos, I see the writing on the wall– “mene, mene.” I’m jumping on this ship quick and early!

Image credit: Scott Leslie Jim Mercurie? freddie Groom?
Image Credit: Scott Leslie’s Jim Mercury? Freddy Groom?

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2 Responses to Rick Wakeman eat your heart out!

  1. Stephen. With a ‘ph’.

  2. Reverend says:


    I can’t believe I made that mistake, especially given how many times I have taken your name in vain 😉


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