A minimalist bava anniversary

It’s a special day for the bava blog in a couple of regards. First off, bavatuesdays turns 6 years old today. I’m pretty proud of that fact, 6 years ago today I started my job as an Instructional Technology Specialist at UMW and I also started this blog—both of which are still very much with me. And it’s funny how much of who I have been at UMW for the past six years (UMW Blogs, EDUPUNK, ds106) has also been bavatuesdays—-the two for me have been almost indistinguishable, and very rarely did either seem like work.

What’s more, today I had the particular honor of having my minimalist movie poster for John Carpenter’s The Thing featured on the Web Urbanist design blog alongside some awesome posters. Small things like this really get me excited, and remind me why I do this. It’s fun, it’s my own, and you never, never know what’s gonna happen.

And what’s even cooler than that is knowing that the smalls acts of creativity we commit to on a regular basis might result in new ideas, possibilities, and relationships. And perhaps Michael Branson Smith’s insanely creative and giving approach to everything he does online is just one more example of why I love this space. I mean check out his amazing minimalist poster for Deliverance!

Bring on ds106, it can’t come soon enough! Actually, a lot more on that idea coming very soon, but until then here’s to six years on the bava and all the beautifully irreparable harm it has caused me. Avanti!


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5 Responses to A minimalist bava anniversary

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  2. scottlo says:

    I think it was the Jabalites who considered the number six to among the most auspicious of all the many numbers. Fitting then that today should be so full of sixes for you and things to be proud about.

    Keep up the good work, Jim.

    I have a hunch your gonna put the petal to the metal when the ds106 Magic Bus next departs.

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  4. Alan Levine says:

    Happy Birthday, Bava Blog (though 6 is just a puppy).

  5. Happy Bavaversary! Apparently, iron is the traditional gift for 6th anniversaries so


    All hail the Reverend. Hallowed be thy name!

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