DTLT Today’s 100th Episode

I guess today is a day of milestones, not only has the bava turned six years old today marking my sixth year at UMW, but DTLT Today has cranked out its 100th episode—which is a pretty amazing feat.  When Tim Owens arrived at UMW’s DTLT in July of this year he brought his A-game, and he hasn’t stopped since. And Tim has a rare kind of A-game, it’s one that brings people together, gets everyone excited about what they are doing, and pushes everyone to do more. Between his WordPress design and development chops, his well-rounded and seemingly limitless technical abilities, the balls to challenge the field leaders, and unbelievably good nature—he is a top flight instructional technologist and he’s already making a huge impact at UMW. Oh, and did I mention he and George Meadows now have got us into MakerBots?

DTLT Today is his brain child, and since he got to DTLT he has brought Andy Rush, Martha Burtis, and I together in ways we have never clicked before. Doing a regular “tv show” is not simply about broadcasting, audience, or technology—though these all matter to some great degree—it’s about setting a tone and providing a space for DTLT, and by extension UMW, to share what’s happening with one another on a regular basis. It’s a vision for this group that can and will be abstracted out to the wider campus community. So, in short, the 100th episode marks a lot of amazing bits of sharing amongst this group over the last five months, but it also marks for me the introduction of an unbelievably awesome addition to DTLT—Tim “A-Game” Owens.

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2 Responses to DTLT Today’s 100th Episode

  1. Todd Conaway says:

    Awesome insight into the space you folks dwell in. Wonderful conglomeration of people from withing UMW and the whole world outside. Rich resource for educators of all kinds. Fantastic opportunity to ask questions, live, of talented people in the industry. Killer humor and laughs. Great daily habit/addiction/activity to participate in or just watch. Thoughtful execution of tools available and powerful role modeling of community building.

    It has been great to see into your natural habitat and learn. Thanks.

  2. Tim Owens says:

    Sure is a shame I don’t have my Masters so I could be “qualified” to work in instructional technology. Seriously though, I’m having the time of my life! It’s hard to believe we’re only one semester in. The more I experiment in DTLT the more I learn and grow. It’s an awesome opportunity to be here and I never forget that. I’m LOCKING IN!

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