A Study in ds106

ds106_Howard Rheingold has written an excellent case study of ds106 as an example of open and particpatory learning for the Connected Learning community. I’ve worked a bit with Howard this past year, and it’s an absolute joy to collaborate with him. He truly groks ds106, and he also deeply understand the value of a community is that it doesn’t center around any one thing or person, and this is sometimes what eludes folks when trying to either make sense of or, even more dangerously, explain ds106. It’s a distributed community that has many moving technical and corporeal parts, seasons, moods, and people. This case study does an unbelievable job of trying to do justice to as many of those complexities as possible.

I’m really greatly indebted to Howard for promoting the work so many of us have been doing with communities like ds106, Domain of One’s Own, and Reclaim Hosting. He’s a tireless creator with enough good energy to go around. He embodies one of the greatest single affordances of the web—broadcasting the honest celebration of the ideas, things and people he enjoys. Which, interestingly enough, is also at the heart of ds106, and which may explain some of the mutual attraction between that community and Howard. Anyway, this is jsut to say that I  think he’s truly groovy. And when I say groovy, I mean Bruce Campbell GROOVY!



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3 Responses to A Study in ds106

  1. Alan Levine says:

    Plus he does not hesitate to put on a ds106 radio tattoo– Howard is #4life

  2. Mariana Funes says:

    And he was so sweet to take up my invitation to pop in to G+, read and comment on my post there. There is a lot in the article and on G+ he commented that he was keen to make sure he mentioned and gave credit to all of you who had created this very special web entity 🙂 I responded that I was glad he loved DS106 as we did – that DS106 was the best on the web of the web. I for one am glad I found you all!

  3. Ben says:

    Hail to the king, baby!

    Great write up, especially the part about the power being in the community. Sure, every moment has it’s “figureheads” and notable individuals, but I’m glad that he captured the essence of #DS106. Jim Groom is worth lauding because he helped give us the empty box to play in (and it was a big box!), but all of the participants willing to step up and collaborate is what has made it the powerful learning environment that it is.

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