A tennis star plays a match with murder!

I have been dying to make this GIF from Hitchcock’s adaptation of the Patricia Highsmith novel Strangers on a Train for a for a while now. I finally found some time to make it this evening, and as usual making a GIF is the best kind of therapy for me. It’s way too big at full speed (more than 5 MBs) but I like the decadence of the size. What’s more, the movement is perfectly hypnotic.

And just in case you think I am getting lazy, I tried to making this GIF smaller but even at 2.4 MBs it moves way too fast and loses most of its charm as you can see below. The search for the perfect GIF continues.

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3 Responses to A tennis star plays a match with murder!

  1. Viraj M says:

    I really like this giff, it really shows how creepy Bruno was, with him just staring at Guy, trying to be intimidating, but not overly showing. It looks more like he is mocking him.

  2. Reverend says:

    I love it too, particularly the way Hitchcock uses the tennis match offscreen to communicate Bruno’s creepiness—the crowd around him is magic. A kind of indirect shot that is all the more interesting as a result.

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