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It Came from the bava Archive, Volume 1

Back in September I installed the On This Day plugin to start trying to review and clean-up the bava archive on a more regular basis. With almost 4,000 posts, this blog has accumulated a lot of jettisoned media and broken … Continue reading

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Animated Movie Trading Card Tutorial

As promised, I’ve created a tutorial for the “Movie Trading Cards—Now With More Animation!” assignment I did earlier today. The tutorial was written in the spirit of the Animated GIF tutorial I wrote a while back which seems to have … Continue reading

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Movie Trading Cards—now with animation!

Inspired by the Sno-Cat movie trading card for The Shining (updated link), I started messing around with how I could do this in GIMP. While playing I started to think, why can’t we animate the movie scenes? A few hours later … Continue reading

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Some Classic Arcade GIFs

Here are a few cutscenes from some classic arcade games. I could do classic video game GIFs all day. Given that, I imagine there are many more of these to come, in the meantime can you name all five without … Continue reading

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8-bit Noir

My kids and I have been playing a fair bit of Atari 2600 games lately using the Stella emulator, which works for Mac, PC and Linux—what platform doesn’t love Atari 2600? When playing the 1980 classic Night Driver I was struck … Continue reading

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Dead Zone Crash

Here is my first experiment with animated GIF montage. It’s pretty hard to do, and this attempt is from perfect, but I am starting to get a sense of how this works—and want to do a series focusing on David … Continue reading

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Gun Crazy GIFs

The 1950 film Gun Crazy has been on my mind a bit these days, particularly the first scene wherein the protagonist steals a gun from the local hardware store. The whole film centers around the morbid fascination with guns in … Continue reading

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My GIFs Just Ain’t What They Used to Be

I recently wrote about all the GIFs I’ve made over the last two years, but something I forgot to mention is how much the quality of the GIFs I’ve made lately suck. I had a pretty solid workflow in which … Continue reading

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Give it Up for the GIF

I come to this news late, I know, but I certainly would hate to pass up the chance to engage in some gratuitous GIF love. The word of the year, according to the Oxford University Press, is GIF. That has … Continue reading

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A tennis star plays a match with murder!

I have been dying to make this GIF from Hitchcock’s adaptation of the Patricia Highsmith novel Strangers on a Train for a for a while now. I finally found some time to make it this evening, and as usual making … Continue reading

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