Aggressive Technologies is Overvalued

A couple of weeks ago Paul Bond and I caught up with Martha “Sinclair” Burtis to do a playful skit around the fictional company Aggressive Technologies that the students in not only created, but have also been running with. The idea was that Paul and I would be chatting about the class and some of the undergirding financials of Aggressive Technologies, calling into question their valuation, arguing they are essentially riding on the irresponsible AI hype of this bull market bubble in order to manipulate their share prices.

It is at this point the company’s very aggressive legal representative, Martha Sinclair, barges in on our chat to essentially issue the most colorful cease and desist order you may ever hear. It is so fun to do this stupid stuff, and I love that Martha and Paul are still up for the insanity. It has been a very on and off semester for me given my own issues, but this kinda fun reminds me what I am missing. #4life.

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  1. Shannon says:

    I haven’t been able to watch the adventures closely this semester, but I’ve been enjoying your blogging about it. Of course this is amazing. I love the stupid fun stuff.

    I also love this Aggressive Technologies site! I think there is nothing better when students grab a hold of something and run with it. I got an extra bit of delightful surprise because I recognized the domain as belonging to one of our newest DKC consultants. I had no idea she was in this class!

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