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A New Milestone with Galaxian

While I did happen to set a personal best on the Galaxian cabinet in the bavacade as my account was being migrated to our newest shared hosting server named after that 1979 classic alien space shooter, that’s not what this … Continue reading

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So Your iPhone was Stolen in Milan

This statue in front of the Milan stock exchange is the last photo taken before my phone was stolen 10 minutes later—foreshadowing? It all happened pretty fast. Antonella and I were eating ice cream in a gelatteria not far from … Continue reading

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Web Building at UMW or, Why Shannon Hauser is #4life

It’s been a while since I blogged about the goings on at University of Mary Washington (UMW). This past September marked seven years since I last worked there, which is crazy to even think about. I very much thought I … Continue reading

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bava 3700

Every so often my blog hits a random milestone, and this one happened to come at the start of my 18th year of blogging, and the very end of 2022. Given that, I figured I would use it as an … Continue reading

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We’ll see how much I can reflect on 2022 in the next few days, I still feel like I have to blog about what’s happening now so thinking about 12 months of time might have to happen after the new … Continue reading

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Here’s to 17 Years on the bava….

…and all the irreparable joy it has brought me! We were chatting about blogging in the Reclaim Edtech meeting on Wednesday when it occurred to me that I missed bavatuesdays’ 17th orbit around the web. December 13th is this blog’s … Continue reading

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Vinylcast #54: The Pogues’ Red Roses for Me

For #vinylcast 54 it is another appearance from the Pogues‘s, this time their first studio album Red Roses for Me from 1984. I picked this vinyl up 10… Continue reading

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“Hold all my calls, I’m blogging”

“Jim finding a Tony comment on my blog via a Downes link. It’s like 2006.” Well, I’m not sure things are that dire, but it does feel good to still be blogging while most have gone fallow or re-entrenched to … Continue reading

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Big in Japan or, Our Course Could be Your Cult #4life

This just  in from the “I love Me” department. Last month I spent five days in beautiful Barcelona presenting at the Annual EDEN Conference and watching 2001: A Space Odyssey in glorious 70MM at the phenomenal Phenomena theater. It was a blast, and … Continue reading

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ds106 sites hacked, but sense of humor remains intact

This post was hacked by ….

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