All Points Bulletin: have you seen this fake?

Have you seen this man or woman?

Spiderman and Cotton Mather

There is a faker in our midst! Not too long ago a fraud emerged on Twitter, and his or her name is the FakeReverendJim. At first I was mildly flattered and entertained by the propagation of false gods. But that has all changed. The FakeReverendJim has verbally confronted me today, and I am now channeling the spirit of the tubes to unmask this blasphemer!!!

Looks like drastic measures are in order, I am gonna have to get serious now, and take a page out of Kurt Russell’s book in the 1982 version of The Thing and bust out my blow torch and start separating the haters from the elaters! I’ll start here at DTLT and work my way around the planet -let the bloodletting begin!

Below you will find a chronicle of the FakeReverendJim’s offenses against the real deal Holyfield!

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