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If you are using a recent version of WordPress Multi-User (WPMu) one of the slick new features hacked by the now dearly missed forum moderator Dr. Mike (he ruled -having also come up with a sneaky workaround for sitewide tags clouds) is the Dashboard Switcher: a dropdown menu list of all blogs associated with the respective admin. This feature is now a MU plugin that comes stock with the latest two releases (WPMu 1.2.2 & 1.2.3). This feature beautifully integrates the backend of the mutli-user environment for admins and users alike. It makes a previously disjuncted space so much more fluid and connected, allowing folks to move between several blogs they either administer or have authoring privileges for with little or no fuss.

Dashboard Switcher

Given this, you can imagine my dismay yesterday and today when I realized a few blogs weren’t showing up with this feature. Working with a professor this afternoon, I noticed her blog did not offer her that feature. DRATS! So to test it further I signed up with a fake user and created another blog and, lo and behold, this one had it. What’s going on? Well, thanks to the WPMu forum, I can refer you to the answers:

1) The DashBoard switcher doesn’t work in Safari
2) The Dashboard Switcher breaks if you include an apostrophe in the blog title, i.e., “Jim’s Groovy Blog” will disable this feature.

There my be more conditions, but the apostrophe proved to be the culprit this afternoon. For more details on these issues try this search on the WPMU forums.

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