Always wished I was Rubik

Via Flickr:“Make a phtoograph of something you aspire to be or do one day.”

“Make a phtoograph of something you aspire to be or do one day.”

Being a child of the 1980s it’s hard not to have deep psychological reactions to seeing a Rubik’s Cube. So when I saw this bad boy sporting on the desk of one of UMW’s faithful—I couldn’t help but make it fit for today’s Daily Create. I mean it isn’t that much of a stretch, I’ve always wanted to complete a Rubik’s cube without moving stickers.

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4 Responses to Always wished I was Rubik

  1. Otto Paertz says:

    Herr Prof. Groom,

    Didn’t you see ze memo? We are no longer supposed to post ze Daily Creats on ze blogs?

  2. Jenny says:

    I’ve never done one the right way but I learned years ago I could take it apart and put it back together rather than take the stickers off.

  3. Reverend says:

    I didn’t tag this one with my ds106 tag which means it won;t pull into the main site, I’ll save that for the Sunday week in review post for my photography. I’m a tag filterer, I don;t need no stinkin rules!

    There has gotta be a tutorial for that somewhere online, right? 🙂

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