bava inc

Image credit: (Not)Trivial’s “BAVA INC”

Cogdog and I were joking around about our blogs, and just how much we put into them, and just how many of you suckers don’t. So here’s to you, 1500+ posts, and the bava is going strong, local and long distance, EST or PST!!!!

Bring it!

Michael Smith you rock!

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4 Responses to bava inc

  1. This image was one that spoke to me as I worked as a mover while in art school.

    Humping furniture = Making art

  2. Reverend says:

    That picture talks to me through the radio, the whole coast-to-coast, bavaradio! I need to photoshop this and make it bavaradio. Thanks for the pointer, I can dig it.

  3. Michael Smith (not)trivial says:

    How about Bava Inc. – the horizontal & the vertical

  4. Sami says:

    You sir are a hero and one of my personal role models. Rock on!

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