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100 Years of EdTech

I was more than a little envious of all the great folks enjoying the OER24 conference on the ground in Cork last week. It looked like an absolutely smashing event, and as I blogged last year, it’s definitely my favorite … Continue reading

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Rise of the Machines

I’ve been pretty resistant to the idea of AI in edtech and beyond, and part of why was epitomized in a recent email I received from a self-acclaimed “cyberpunk anti-hero from the future” that underlines the cash-in zeitgeist that repels … Continue reading

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Mail Suppression

No, the other mail suppression! You see, if I was a better blogger and a funnier person I would write extended similes like Martin Weller in his “Your social media choices, as 70s disco tracks,” making him the undisputed John … Continue reading

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Preparing for ReclaimPress

I’m pretty excited because one of the things I’ve been looking forward to for several months now, is testing and documenting ReclaimPress, which will be Reclaim Hosting’s latest product. In short, ReclaimPress offers performant, high-available WordPress hosting for when you … Continue reading

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10 Years Off the Sauce

Today marks ten years since I’ve had a drink,* and that is a very important moment in my mind. This 10 year anniversary has become something of a magical number that, if ever achieved, would mark an almost irrefutable victory … Continue reading

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Form of an Awesome Superfriends Trivia Quiz

In preparation of Reclaim Edtech‘s first Flex Course on Gravity Forms next month, the great Tom Woodward has created a fun Superfriends Triva Quiz using, you guessed it, Gravity Forms 🙂 You can take the quiz by clicking the image … Continue reading

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#ds106radio: tweetbots, listeners, and playlists

Grant Potter’s new Reclaim Hosting design, soon to be a shirt 🙂The last two weeks has been dedicated to getting ds106radio moved over to Reclaim Cloud. I wrote about the migration in some detail already, so this post will be … Continue reading

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We Got Our PMA: Bad Brains Back in Rotation

I saw the above shirt while shopping with my kids in clothes store here in Trento. While I was surprised for a moment, it quickly turned to endorsing this message. One should listen to the legendary DC punk/reggae outfit the … Continue reading

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7 Years of Reclaim Hosting

Seven is one of those numbers. I have written before about thinking of my life movements in blocks of seven years. Just about every seven years of my adult life a major change comes a long: seven years in LA, … Continue reading

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Alta Via Day 1 or, If You Really Loved Me You Would Bring Me Edelweiss

So, I’m blogging from my phone because for the first time in about 15 years I left my laptop at home. I’ll be in the mountains for the next 5 days hiking the Dolomites. An upside of not having a … Continue reading

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