This is my house! Just wait ’til I have my high-score -no one will beat -I said NO ONE!!!

It just doesn’t get any better than this, thanks Jerry -for lightening the load!

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3 Responses to bavarcade

  1. Teresa Kennedy says:

    Jim, this is pathetic. You will never, ever, in a million years beat my son, Joe, the master, McMahon in Pacman.

    This is sad.


  2. jimgroom says:

    I can and I will! I absconded with many a quarter in 1981 to make my mark on the emerging stand-up console world of gaming, and I take on any and all challengers. I just need to get the high score feature working so that I can continually showcase my Pacman prowess.

  3. you can have your pac-man… gimme asteroids any day. the original, raster graphic version. buh bum buh bum bew bew bew bew boooom

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