bavaradio on ds106radio, 6-15-2022

This was a fun show stitching together a bunch of songs via Youtube that I had been feeding off all morning. There’s a lot of Ty Segall, Courtney Barnett, and IDLES, so that is fair warning. I re-listened the morning after the show, something I rarely do, and it reminded me why I love ds106radio so much.

bavaradio on ds106radio 6-15-2022
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  1. Eric Likness says:

    First time I ever heard Courtney Barnett was a Bob Boilen, Tiny Desk concert from NPR. Courtney was tired, had just come from an airport, but soldiered on. And was brilliant, but doubly so, ‘cuz I had never heart Avant Gardner before and couldn’t believe the melody, much LESS those rhyming lyrics that go places you would never expect. A true marvel and a genius that I bumped into on the Interwebz.

    • Reverend says:

      Like must things with music, I heard this for the first time on ds106radio, and I think the tune was “Pedestrian at Best.” Like Avant Gardner, the way she raps to indie chords is so amazing, her unique sound grabs you right away.

  2. Grant says:

    Love her duets (and entire album) with Kurt Vile …

    • Reverend says:

      I am hooked on her voice for sure, and Fear is Like a Forest gets me every time, it is definitely a duet for the ages. I’ll give the whole album a listen, but how odd to read AllMusic’s Stephen Thomas Erlewine’s review in that Wikipedia article:

      As they’re both charismatic singers with a way with an elliptical melody, it’s pleasant enough, but by the time its 45 minutes wrap up, Lotta Sea Lice feels like a party where the hosts are having a much better time than their guests.

      Is there any other way for hosts to play? Fucking critics

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