Is Edtech Dead?

Funny, sometimes the end appears closer in the rearview mirror than it actually is, and that’s been a lesson for me the last couple days. I hate to see good folks leave a field I have invested deeply in for almost two decades, but I understand we all have our reasons. Whether burn-out or sell-out, the end is always right around the corner.

Am I working in a Reclaim bubble? I remain very much compelled by the work we do in this “dead” field, and I have not abandoned all hope just yet. In fact, I think it would be not only impossible, but irresponsible, for me to do so given all the amazing talent that has come up both through Reclaim directly, as well as through my association with all the creative and committed folks at the schools we work with. Seeing the next generation of edtechs come into their own has been the unexpected joy of playing the long-game.

And, to be clear, we aren’t all sell-outs.  Reclaim Hosting hasn’t sold out. We walk the walk. We still control our own destiny to the degree any small entity can, and we are not dismissing a field that represents one of the many borderlands of our shared digital future, cause I am not so sure I am seeing any alternatives offered to that one.

We all have choices to make, and I applaud those who act on them authentically. That said, I think about all the amazing people I have worked with in this field and I can honestly say that edtech’s not dead yet.

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  1. Taylor Jadin says:

    I like being part of the team at Reclaim, in my experience in the short time I’ve been here, it feels like people appreciate the work we do 🙂

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    Also, being bought out seems like the inevitable end-game for a company that launched as a startup at TechCrunch disrupt:

  2. Brian says:

    “How I would enjoy being told the novel is dead. How liberating to work in the margins, outside a central perception. You are the ghoul of literature.”

    — Don DeLillo, The Names

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