Starting Thursday, September 29th and running through October 3rd there will be a 5 day ds106 hippie extravaganza affectionately known as . You wanna play, leave a comment. It will be aired on ds106radio, ds106tv, and on a blog near you. I am opening up my house, so if you are in the Frederickburg, VA area and interested let me know in the comments and I’ll get you all the details. And if you are coming in person or participating online, via radio, etc., leave your name in the comments, let us know in the comments/guest book 😉 And if you are a PST cretin, I will break you!!!

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  1. GNA says:

    And… if you are planning to attend, just know, it’s not all fun and games (see http://gnagarcia.wordpress.com/). We will make stuff. We will break stuff. We will rule the vertical, horizontal, and the “in your face plane”. Come equip and ready to rumble.

  2. Damn, wish I could be there.

    To participate remotely, are you looking for live music? Poetry readings? Young Adult fiction? What?

  3. Mikhail says:

    I’m really bummed I can’t be there but my good friend Eric whom we tried to patch into ds106radio when he was in Afghanistan is now in DC and has expressed a willingness to be subjected to the madness of bavastock. Send me deets for him and I’ll pass them on if you’re down for having him.

  4. Reverend says:


    We will be at my house on Saturday night, I’ll send you details.

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