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I was fortunate enough to visit the great folks at Penn State University last week. And it is amazingly to me that we found time between #drunkcasts on to sit down with the E-Portfolio crew, the Digital Commons crew, as well as an interview with Jamie Oberdick for a Daily Buzz episode.

The trip was a total blast and I have to thank both Cole Campelese and Brad Kozlek for making the trip so smooth. What’s more, I have to acknowledge how locked and inspired the PSU edtech community truly is. For almost 8 hours in a variety of forms (i.e., interview, open discussions, presentation, etc.) we talked everything from eportfolios, ds106, WordPress, blogging platforms, as well as a few other things. Brad Kozlek has been ruminating on those discussions and I totally agree with him that frame an infrastructure at PSU (one of, if not the, biggest research university in the country) to crack the nut of enabling students to control their own space for learning, archiving, and reflection but feeding it out cleanly to a community or network effects is huge. We haven’t fully got our heads around this, but I have no doubt that will change once PSU puts some it’s seemingly boundless talent behind this issue.

I’ll check in with the PSU folks to see if there is a link to the presentation video/audio, but in the meantime if you are interested in some of the conversations we had at PSU, check out Jamie Oberdick’s interview below:

Daily Buzz PSU Interview

Update: And here is the video of the presentation at PSU titled “A Domain of One’s Own.”

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2 Responses to PSU #4life

  1. Brad Kozlek says:

    Jim, it was great having you here and you definitely rattled some of our minds in a good way. I’m still trying to crack it open, as we all are. I think we are one step closer after the conversations we had at PSU.

    There is an archive of your presentation on the PSU Libraries media site live page:

    It is also available on youtube:

  2. Reverend says:


    Thank you, you rock, and I have updated this post with the YouTube video, thanks for that. I, too, feel like we got a little closer. I would love for us, CUNY, and UBC to sit down and talk soon about these issues and WP. Let’s set that up!

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