bavawave: Italians Do it Better

This is how it started…

This is how good it felt afterwards…

I jumped on the radio on a whim last night to try and do some groundwork for the headlining Sunday Special featuring the great Anne-Marie Scott, Maren Deepwell, and Tannis Morgan.

I wanted to play some of the synthwave tunes I discovered one the Italians Do It Better website/youtube channel thanks to this Tweet from Paul Bond while he was broadcasting a fine needle-dropping vinylcast of Brian Eno and David Byrne on #ds106radio:

It’s awesome that ds106radio is still delivering the goods, it is moments like this on the radio via Twitter that the web feels like friends hanging out sharing what they love, which is the best feeling of both connection and growth. And then when folks actually listen to your radishow? SWOON!

ds106radio: Synthwave with Jim Groom

This show was fun and fairly tight at 50 minutes, so I wanted to get it on the bavaradio site with the idea of sometime soon backfilling the bavaradio catalogue given I have a ton of shows just sitting in my Audio Hijack folder that have never seen the light of the web since their inception.

Image credit: Outrun 8 Bit GIF By Kotutohum

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One Response to bavawave: Italians Do it Better

  1. scottlo says:

    Gotta love the synthwave, Jim.

    And that Bavaradio site is something else to swoon over. Keep setting the pace!

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