bavaweekly 2-2-2022

This week there were two bavaweekly streams because I failed to record the one I did yesterday, which did have some issues for sure. That said, folks like Geoff Cain and Todd Conaway joined the chat fun, and that was a blast! I had an issue with the desktop not sharing videos off YouTube cleanly in both streams, so I might revisit that workflow. Switching scenes in OBS solved the glitch, do I’m thinking I might need to run each of those videos through a dedicated scene.  Also, you might want to go to 3:30 to avoid the intro music and GIF to get to the actual start of the video (too lazy to edit 🙂 ).

Link on Peertube

I talked a bit about the Reclaim Roundup Newsletter, which I love, movies I watched, upcoming arcade work, Reclaim Arcade’s birthday, and more. It’s a bit longer because I play several 2-3 minute clips from films I have watched this week, which is always a blast. I’m going to forego the long write-up for this one right now, but if I have the time later today I will fill the post out with more links and details.  The coolest element of this edition of  bavaweekly was the inclusion of a 30 second weather update Antonella did in the park while we took Duke for a walk. The weather has been gorgeous here and Antonella tells the tale of the tape for the week!

Link on Peertube

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