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The bava Media Center

The bava media center, featuring a Sony Trinitron 19” television to the far left with a Commodore 128 right below it. Beneath that is a used Panasonic DP-U89000 DVD Blu-ray/UHD multi-region player for the new fangled higher-end media. Continue reading

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Streaming Jitsi through Peertube Live

? One of the cool things Taylor Jadin discovered recently is is easy it is to stream a Jitsi web video call through PeerTube. After creating a live stream in PeerTube, you would crab the stream URL and the stream … Continue reading

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bavaweekly 2-22-2022

Well, this week’s stream was a train wreck. Luckily I could do some post-production to excise close to 25 minutes of mistakes. Audio continues to be my bane, but luckily the bava has always been a “b” blog. Special thanks … Continue reading

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bavaweekly 2-15-2022

The wheels keep on turning on the bavaweekly! The latest update reminded me we are into week 7 of 2022—it’s going fast. This stream was a manageable 21 minutes, and once again special thanks to folks like Meredith Fierro and … Continue reading

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bavaweekly 2-8-2022

I was able to squeeze a bavaweekly in last Tuesday between sets of work waves pounding my spirit. It’s been a ride, and when servers start acting up everything else gets deprioritized. Such is life in the Cloud, but with … Continue reading

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bavaweekly 2-2-2022

This week there were two bavaweekly streams because I failed to record the one I did yesterday, which did have some issues for sure. That said, folks like Geoff Cain and Todd Conaway joined the chat fun, and that was … Continue reading

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bavaweekly 12-29-2021 -the Show Notes

I took yesterday off for a nice walk in the mountains with visiting friends, which was a real treat. 2021 offered a few glimpses of life after the pandemic with various visitors from across the Atlantic which made life happier … Continue reading

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Peertube’s Live Streaming Option

I have been working on a side project that will be using Peertube and as a result realized after installing the latest version that this awesome open source software now includes live streaming. I’ve been playing around a bit with … Continue reading

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Installing Owncast on Reclaim Cloud

Update: If you are coming to this post after December 2022 and want to run Owncast on Reclaim Cloud, I highly recommend using the 1-click installer in the Reclaim Cloud marketplace rather than this method. This will still work, but … Continue reading

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Playing with Community Edition of Ant Media Server

This morning I played with the Community Edition of the Ant Media using Digital Ocean’s Marketplace image for this media streaming software. I ran it on an AMD 8 GB droplet with 250 GB block storage, but after some testing the … Continue reading

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