bavaweekly 3-1-2022

First bavaweekly of March, happy to see the weekly streams and reflections still going strong. My follow-up blog posts are a bit slower to materialize, but that’s what happens when you get addicted to streaming 🙂

Last week marked the start of Russian invasion of Ukraine and the world got even crazier than it was during COVID, if that’s even possible. I’ve been in a bit of a fog swallowing the harsh reality of the state of Europe while mulling the return to a 1980s Cold War mentality. That said, I have been encouraged by the outpouring of support here locally for the Ukranians. Forza ucraina!

Reclaim Hosting

  • We had the monthly Domains API meeting with Tim, Taylor, Lauren, and I and I have to say it is super cool to have Taylor involved in this and brining a Domain of One’s Own admin perspective to what are some small pieces we can start with to imagine the setup without WHMCS. Really cool to see a very practical, bite-sized approach, like, for example, how can we automate creating a cPanel account without WHMCS using a direct call from WordPress using the WHM API.
  • We continue to hone in on what a Reclaim EdTech offering might consist of, and I think we are starting to see that vision take shape. We are moving towards professional development and networking for educational technologists, and I think our work designing the OERxDomains21 experience will play a role here.
  • We met with Taylor’s former employer, St Norbert College, to explore the idea of a shared curriculum around domain that can be both localized and shared as a kind of “Domains Summit” over the summer where various schools might converge. There is a lot to think through there, but the idea is exciting.
  • Pilot killed it with another installment of the Reclaim Roundup, our monthly newsletter, recapping the work that happened around Reclaim in February.
  • The Reclaim Hosting office has officially closed as of March 1. Meredith was the last person working from that space regularly, and she is now remote so we’re shuttering the office. The end of the office era at Reclaim.


  • My Stargate woes continue given replacing the 7474 flip flop chips on the game board with 74HC74 chips gave me a green screen of death. I was hopeful it was just the wrong chips, so when the 7474 came I put them in and got a yellow screen of death 🙁 I’ll try a Hail Mary post on KLOV, but it’s looking like a fail and I’ll be bringing this back to the US for repair.
Image of Stargate Yellow Screen of Death

Stargate Yellow Screen of Death

  • Also did a little bookkeeping of games in Fredericksburg I’ll be shipping to Italy, here is the the list: Defender, Dig Dug, Elevator Action, Galaxian, Joust, Make Trax, Moon Patrol, Pac-man, Pleiades (cocktail), Pole Position, Rally X (cocktail), Super Cobra, Venture, and Yie-Ar Kung-fu (with another Galaxian cocktail cabinet on Long island). Added to the 14 I have in Italy, it puts me right about 30, which means I might revisit the idea of a bavacade in Trento in the next year or two 🙂


    • Chahira and I joined forces on ds106radio last Thursday to celebrate the great Grant Potter’s 50th. It was a blast, and I wrote all about it and linked to the various goings on as well as the two-hour ds106radio show in the following post:

Grant’s 50th on ds106radio

  • I also wrote about building ReclaimTV on peerTube, which has been a lot of fun.

Dreaming of an Open Source ReclaimTV


Antonella’s been reading both Nabokov’s Lectures on literature at Cornell as well as Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park, you can quickly see the real intellectual of the family. This has meant watching various period dramas like Scorcese’s Age of Innocence (pretty but boring), Ang Lee’s Sense and Sensibility (brilliant!), and Emma (Gweneth Paltrow is as putridly saccharine as ever—I couldn’t last 15 minutes).  Period pieces are a mixed bag and not necessarily my genre, although Remains of the Day (a recent passion) is working its way into the pantheon.

After abandoning Emma we watched Richard Linklater’s What happened to Bernadette? starring the always amazing Cate Blanchett and it was quite enjoyable.  After that Miles and I watched Batman Begins, which I associate with a day time film in Mikhail while still living in NYC during the early 2000s. I love the Batman universe Nolan created, and I am loathe to engage another, but I might have to here soon…


GIF of the "All Work and No Play" paper in typewriter from the Shining

I’ve been pretty much heads down, haven’t left the house for anything but walking the dog in a week or two, save the random market visit. It has been all work and no play, but right now I am fine with that. I did get a ridiculous amount of joy from Tressie’s tweets about Red Dawn essentially being a niche film for white people. The way she does Twitter is so entertaining, it’s like its own sitcom, but real.

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