Blog that shit or it never happened, Jimmy

For full effect see the clip from 48 Hours of Luther telling the parking attendant like it is.

This is not the first time I’ve used these clip after a long spate of not blogging, but this may be the longest post-free break on the bava since 2005 or 2006. A lifetime ago as D’Arcy Norman‘s tweet filled with nostalgia-rich images from the Northern Voice blogging conference drove home dramatically for me.

[I’m keeping an image of that thread in the event D’Arcy is a deleter. I mean he did invent deleting your shit as an online genre, after all.]

The weird thing is I have been blogging in my head non-stop, and arguably I’ve never had more to write about. Everything is awesome! And what’s better than to start blogging again with a tried and true “I should have been blogging” post. Blogging about blogging (or not blogging) is a writing prompt/trope/genre that I never tire of. And if I have to be honest, which I seldom am here, I enjoyed the break. No so much the not blogging, but the not killing myself for not blogging. I have come to accept that when I am vacationing with family or traveling for work blogging is one of the many casualties of my limited attention span. But that was then, this is now. Time to make a blog post to-do list!

  • Tim, Miles, and I went to VHStival in Raleigh, North Carolina, and I acquired all sorts of VHS gold for Reclaim Video and we saw 4 cult classics on the big screen: TerrorVision, Toxic Avenger, Heavy Metal Parking Lot, and Basket Case (which ages really, really well). That is the first post I need to write
  • The second is that Reclaim Arcade is transitioning quickly from fun idea to hardcore reality. Tim and I are becoming a lot more intentional about this, and I would be surprised at this point if it doesn’t happen. And more and more it will not simply be a side-project, but a full blown 80s arcade, bar and gallery space.
  • I have to blog about my experience of watching The Shining with Miles for the first time, it was an utter disaster cause I had no idea Kubrick re-cut the European version and it sucks.
  • I have to blog about our sponsorship of Bryan Ollendyke’s HAX Camp and his recent ds106-esque course on IST 402. The Web Components EdTech Joker is en fuego!
  • The numerous online hauls for Reclaim Video, I have gone on a bit of a laserdisc and select-a-vision buying bender, and even got an original C.H.U.D. movie poster for the store. Our vision for Reclaim Arcade has begun to include Reclaim Video in an integral way which is very exciting for me. 
  • I have three or four written posts about my hike in the Dolemites in early August, which was amazing. I am working on organizing the images and getting those out, but luckily they have mostly already been written, so that will boost my blog numbers 🙂
  • Reclaim Hosting has been crazy. There is no sign of us slowing down any time soon (so why not start an arcade bar and gallery?!) and we’ve been learning the trials and tribulations of trying to manage growth while at the same time remaining focused and committed to our core beliefs and the community we serve. I have a bunch to say on this front, so stay tuned for more “Confessions of a Successful Businessman.”
  • I was a guest on Terry Greene’s awesome Gettin’ Air podcast, and we had a blast (he let me talk, and I talked and talked and talked). We even made a video of what it is like to experience Reclaim Video via robot.  And it WILL BE BLOGGED! 
  • I have quite a few projects and sites of folks using Domains that I need to feature, so that will be a multi-pronged series that Lauren and I will work on, but there are at least two I need to get on immediately: the use of templates for student portfolios at Wesleyan University, as well as Coventry University’s new Learn site for their Domains project. So beautiful!
  • I also want to blog about Lawrie Phipps’s recent post about Microsoft Teams and Domains. I had no idea there was such a thing as MS Teams before that post, but seeing Clint LaLonde respond gave me a few ideas, so that might happen as well.
  • And VR, I am hooked. And now that I know Downes is a No Man’s Sky fan which is VR enabled now, I might have to give him my old VIVE HTC headset. I cannot wait for his post about that game, and VR might be part of the reason why I have such a recalcitrant blog malingerer. Space Pirate Trainer #4life
  • Re-connecting with UMW! While I was back in Fred Vegas on this go round I got the chance to re-connect with several folks at UMW and was more than thrilled (and relieved) to learn Jerry Slezak is taking over and re-building DTLT. 2BBLOGGED

Oh, and there is so much more, the possibilities are endless! Blog that shit or it never happened, Jimmy!

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15 Responses to Blog that shit or it never happened, Jimmy

  1. Chris L says:

    Wait a minute. I’m pretty sure *I* created the slash-and-burn model of social media “participation!”

  2. Grant says:

    Even though it is 2 years old – SuperHOT VR is still my fav VR gaming experience. but I’m looking forward to trying out No Man’s Sky – haven’t played it for 2 years, but the multiplayer updates sound promising.

    • Eric Likness says:

      I had read the Sony PS4 + VR headset + No Man’s Sky is the next “big thing”. I’m probably going to go ahead and get the PSVR finally, specifically to start playing No Man’s sky.

    • Reverend says:

      You know, the PS4 VR was a necessary travesty. We talked about this at OER19, it was very underwhelming, but the HTC VIVE and particularly Oculus Quest are a new era. I kinda think PS4 had to come first and it kinda had to suck given it was a pretty major hack, but going headless and untethered from a gaming PC with Quest is insane.

  3. Terry Greene says:

    It still amazes me that we did that robot tour video tour in just one single try and not five tries.

  4. Eric Likness says:

    Also Luther = Luther, David Patrick Kelly

    He was Luther in Warriors AND in 48 Hrs. too!

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