Boba’s Invoice

Not sure if this is a digital story per se, but I am sure it rocks!

Image credit: Laser Bread’s “Boba Invoice” via Mikhail Gershovich on Twitter

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6 Responses to Boba’s Invoice

  1. Alan Levine says:

    This would make a great #ds106 visual assignment- what would the invoice look like from the person who put the horse head in the bed? What does Hannibal Lector’s shopping list look like? What about Batman’s to do list

  2. Jim says:


    I agree completely, and it makes me think an assignment on letterhead and crazy characters, as well as an infographic/illustration a la Mega Shark physics:

    Got that from Tom Woodward, and I still want to figure out how do incorporate something like that.

    I’m actually really excited about trying to open up ds160—or even unfetter it 😉 And we should start blogging some assignment ideas, I know Woodward will bite too once we get going—well at least if he hasn’t choked himself with his new corporate ass tie that is.

  3. Tom says:

    Dear Jackass Groom,

    I work for Henrico County Public Schools. I am now required to wear a tie. To make up for it, I tattooed “Death, Destruction, Famine” on the whites of my eyes. I hope that keeps me non-corporate enough for you.

    Perhaps one day you’ll take off your tweed jacket, put down your pipe, shave your academic beard, and speak English in ways that doesn’t piss normal people off. Once you’ve done that, feel free to come see where real education happens.

    That being said, I am always game for brainstorming. This was cool and I was going to make a few historical versions but now my hate is negatively impacting my creativity.

    What would be cool in terms of the class would be to post the skills and thoughts you’re looking for students to experience. The world at large could then submit lesson ideas. Maybe you pick a few, maybe you leave it wide open, and then the students decide which one they’d like to pursue. It’d be massive differentiation in a way one instructor could never support. Of course it only works if you have an active an interesting audience participating.

  4. Tom says:

    Don’t pretend I hurt your feelings.

  5. Reverend says:


    Once I pick myself up off the floor after having been devastated by your comment I will do everything I can to pull myself together and respond. Until then…..[sob, sob, sob]

  6. Sam Rodgers says:

    This picture made my day.

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