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Luke Skywalker liked me!

That bizarre moment when Luke Skywalker likes your tweet about him. @hamillhimself understands the Twitter pic.twitter.com/ikzPwJN4ri — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) December 31, 2015 Before this get subsumed into the black hole that is Twitter’s timeline, I just wanted to leave … Continue reading

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The Sorcerer’s Bridge Scene

Since watching William Friedkin’s 1977 film The Sorcerer a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t been able to get the bridge crossing scene out of my head. The clip above is just one small piece of an almost ten minute … Continue reading

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A New Hope in 35MM

A week ago I went to the Library of Congress, Packard Campus in Culpepper to see Star Wars in 35MM. It was as good as I had hoped. With a remarkably clean print of the 1997 re-mastering, there was no mistaking the … Continue reading

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Star Wars in 35 MM?

Next month at Library of Congress, Packard Campus, three of the most iconic films of the last 35 years will be showing:  Saturday, Sept. 13 (7:30 p.m.) STAR WARS: EPISODE IV – A NEW HOPE (20th Century Fox, 1977) This first film in … Continue reading

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Holy Holograms, Tupac

Last week Nick Antonini remixed the Tupac hologram, which appeared at Coachella 2012, with the classic Princess Leia hologram from Star Wars. And soon after there was the video remix of Tupac and Star Wars by Sethward productions that takes … Continue reading

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The Formative Five: Movie Scenes that Changed My Life

Annie Belle submitted an assignment suggesting you talk about 3-5 movie scenes that changed your life. That is right up my alley and I couldn’t resist. In fact, about four years ago I started a formative 10 film series on … Continue reading

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The Digital Legacy of the 1980s: Super Mario Bros.

My kids and I explore movies and series on Netflix to watch on a somewhat regular basis. And while I’ve been underwhelmed by their live streaming library as of late like everyone else,  we recently stumbled upon The Super Mario Bros. … Continue reading

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Slave Leia meets the Garbage Pail Kids

Via this post on Super Punch Slave Leia gets the Garbage Pail Kids treatment from Luis Diaz. I love the whole idea of mashing up Garbage Pail Kids with some other fan franchise, or even doing your own like the awesome … Continue reading

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Talking to Your Kids About Star Wars

Thanks to one of the elite ds106 alum, Modern Selkie, I was turned on to this gem. What’s odd is that this video really does capture my attitude towards Star Wars and teaching it to my children. In fact, my … Continue reading

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Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary

So, I’ve been spending a lot of my time with Miles working on narratives, reading, and generally developing a sense of wonder, and I personally believe that are few better ways at this than sharing my own enthusiasm with the … Continue reading

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