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Sometime in November or December of this past year Serena told be that there was a core, underground group of Bryan Alexander fans here at UMW. It doesn’t entirely surprise me given I’m one myself, but I found that the attraction to the internet’s favorite mountain-dwelling goth was not necessarily about his blog (which is my favorite), but rather his tweets. In fact, when we were at the ELI conference in January of this year Serena decided to develop a WordPress plugin dedicated to Bryan Alexander’s tweets, and she has been sporting it on her blog for a while now.

Image of

But it was until this afternoon that she finally gave me the code she has been guarding jealously for months, so that the bava too can show its appreciation of everyone’s favorite backwoods vampire hunter. I’m trying to hack the code a little more so that the quotes from Bryan’s twitter stream come pre-populated in the plugin, and if I get Serena’s (And Bryan’s) approval-this will be UMW Blogs’ first home-grown plugin available to the entire communtiy. It just seems so appropriate to me to honor a patron anti-saint and further accentuate that this technology is all about people 🙂

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  1. Yum. When ready, we want code. Must have code, must… code ……

  2. Serena says:


    I’d be glad to email you the code for the plugin. (You’ll have to ask Jim how he plugged in the extra data I’ve been collecting.) Let’s start a trend 😉

  3. Brad says:

    80% of this stuff is oddly, wonderfully poetic.

    “Autumn is making
    its presence felt: some
    red leaves, cool winds, swallows
    in flight, rumors
    of geese on the move.”

    I really love it. Must meet this man!

  4. Jim, would this plugin be configurable? That is, put in any Twitter ID and pull in latest tweet from said ID?

  5. Reverend says:

    @Randy and Trp,

    Truth be told Serena ported the Quotes Collection plugin for WordPress, and added an image of Bryan to the widget, and imported a bunch of selected tweets. She updates her version with selection tweets manually, so this isn’t pulling automatically from his twitter account, though I imagine it could easily. I am working on pre-populating the Quotes Collection with about 60 tweets from Bryan and making that a part of the plugin, I think Serena should blog her process though 🙂

  6. Ah Serena, ah Rev, you have caught me in your widgets. How did you do this? What is this underground group? *Who are you working for!?!?!*

  7. Reverend says:


    You are not a free man, you are a number. And we have you in our village widget. What we want is INFORMATION!

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