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WordPress, Movements, and the PressED Twitter Conference

Still buzzing (and a bit bleary eyed) after #pressedconf18 last night. Can't imagine how @Pgogy & @nlafferty must feel! Really looking forward to catching up with all the sessions I missed yesterday. — Lorna M. Campbell (@LornaMCampbell) March 30, 2018 … Continue reading

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None Shall Pass

It usually starts with a Tweet… King of the Collina pic.twitter.com/uI5QFfUHBL — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) September 23, 2017 And Noise Professor does the rest… YOU SHALL NOT PASS! pic.twitter.com/8gnJbQ2wqV — Zack Dowell (@noiseprofessor) September 23, 2017 His quick Photoshops of … Continue reading

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Eye Popping Eye Guy

On a while yesterday, I tweeted out an image of a figurine that I have had for almost two decades. I found it in the garbage on the streets of Brooklyn back in 1997, and I thought it was about … Continue reading

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Luke Skywalker liked me!

That bizarre moment when Luke Skywalker likes your tweet about him. @hamillhimself understands the Twitter pic.twitter.com/ikzPwJN4ri — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) December 31, 2015 Before this get subsumed into the black hole that is Twitter’s timeline, I just wanted to leave … Continue reading

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Dope on the Damn Table

The title of this post is actually the epigraph to Season 1, Episode 11 of The Wire: “The Hunt.” It’s spoken incredulously by Lieutenant Daniels when learning the brass wants to make a show of seized drugs, guns, and money, … Continue reading

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Noir 106: ds106’s Dark Turn

We’re already well into week 4 of Noir 106 and I am just realizing I haven’t officially blogged about this iteration of the multi-faceted cultural chameleon that is ds106 (#4life).  Coming off the focused, intense tour de force that was wire106 (a … Continue reading

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Wire 106 Twitter Watch Along

Last week was focused on introducing audio so we did three Wire 106 Listen Alongs via ds106radio that focused specifically on audio. This week we’re introducing visual/photography, so we wanted to switch it up and have folks watch and not … Continue reading

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Earlier today on twitter I was watching the river flow when I saw the following tweet by the great Bud Hunt: My password is always 123456. #FiveWordEdTechHorrors — Bud Hunt (@budtheteacher) December 11, 2013 I was intrigued, and figured what … Continue reading

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The ds106 99: #20 #jimgroomstudentproblems

The third iteration of ds106 is coming to an end in the next week or so, and there is no question in my mind that this last semester with its open, online component really elevated this course to the next … Continue reading

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Why I Tweet

Jeff Swain recently published a video asking others why they Tweet, so I figured I would respond. As usual, it’s hard for me to be serious about anything, especially through video, and despite two takes at a response I still … Continue reading

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