Cat Video

Tommaso took this slo-mo video of our cat 12 taking a quick break from her nap to languidly lick her paw. 2017 will be her 19th year. I had my doubts whether she would survive the trip over to Italy last year, folks thought I was crazy for bringing an 18 year-old cat on such a long journey. But when I picked her up off the mean streets of Kensington, Brooklyn in 1998, it was for life. And not only did she make the transition smoothly, but she found a second wind. It’s almost two decades with this cat, that’s what I think about at the end of another year. I hope 12 and all of you hippies make it cleanly to the other side, happy New Year!

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2 Responses to Cat Video

  1. iamTalkyTina says:

    Well, it is always a nice time for all the #CoolCats and #TrueFriends, plus #Hippies.

    Have a nice 2017, UNCLE @JimGroom and family.


  2. Jim Groom says:


    I want to thank you for all your comments this year, you are the bava blog’s favorite commenting doll by far. I hope you too have a great year, and exact the revenge from Ben you so dearly deserve.

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