Bryan Mathers siphoned off some booty to Italy from the Reclaim Hosting motherload. We secured a bunch of stickers by backing Visual Thinkery’s Indiegogo campaign, and I’m glad we did. I really love the stickers visually, and they are also quite functional because many of them, like the USA Eagle stamp and EDUPUNK head, are fairly transparent which creates a gorgeous layering effect. After adding them I realized the only thing missing is a ds106 sticker. I believe I have one of Jason Toal‘s skull stickers left, but I am loath to use it given it will be a collector’s item one day. I like how the collage on my laptop speaks to influences and experiences past and present, and the fact that the EDUPUNK character is kissing the Reclaim Hosting logo thrills me to no end. You can also see Jessica Reingold’s DTLT TV, which I dig, some WordPress love, and a lot of Audrey Watters cause she is the ed-tech internet now. I still have a little ways to go, but I am quite happy with this deck. Bryan has been churning out amazing designs all year long, which reminds me I have a post in the queue about his artwork for Domains 17.  But until then, enjoy savor the laptop art.

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