Containerizing Mastodon on Reclaim Cloud

Taylor and I did a stream yesterday wherein we (royal) set about taking one of my experimental Mastodon instances ( and moving it from a Debian VPS into a Docker container. We got the bug after a recent open source trifecta update I posted about, and I am glad we did. Long story short, the genius of Docker is how it makes hosting more complex server setups like Mastodon simple (as with Azuracast and PeerTube), which in turn will make running and maintaining these open source systems that much easier, hopefully leading to wider adoption. There is still the question of cost, but I have ideas there as well, but that is another post.

Anyway, the 45 minute stream was a roaring success! We were able to get off the VPS and onto the 1-click installed Docker instance running on Reclaim Cloud. It must have been a proud moment for Taylor to see all his work on that installer and increased familiarity with Docker come together in a seamless moment of everything just works. Anyway, if you are into this kind of stuff, the stream has been recorded and I embedded it above.

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