D’Arcy converted by Reverend, a brief history

Image of D'Arcy in WordPress shirt

Brief History: Well, I’m going to do a little history here because this picture is particularly special to me. When I first started blogging almost two years ago there was one blog in particular I used to model my own. This was a really, really good blog and the blogger was a really, really good blogger.

But there was one little problem, he was blogging about Drupal and I hated Drupal. So, in an attempt to balance these two conflicting emotions in my feeble little mind I decided to emulate this blog but fill it with the truth about the real mechanical messiah WordPress -so bavatuesdays was quickly disabused of its b-movie heritage and became a motley platform that was probably best known for its discussion of all things WordPress.

Now: Almost two short years later I present proof on the blood-soaked soil where this battle for souls played out that not only is D’Arcy a bonafide WordPress fanboy (red shirt and all), but he is now emulating the Reverend -rather than the other way around. Oh how quickly the tides turn in this crazy world of EdTech. The circle is complete and the power of the good reverend over all things WordPress has converted one of the most powerful geek disciples in North America.

Let the Great Awakening road show begin!

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2 Responses to D’Arcy converted by Reverend, a brief history

  1. Rev, I was running WordPress back when you were still froshing in theology school. See this timeline for reference:

    I change blog CMS more often than you change underwear. I’m seriously considering switching to Typo or Blosxom just for kicks. Maybe I’ll buy a MovableType license and really kick out the jams…

  2. jimgroom says:

    Obviously, D’Arcy is trying a little subterfuge to make people think he isn’t as brainwashed as the post suggests. Well, we all know the truth, now don’t we 😉

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