Day 10: Fisher Price Play Family School House

Fisher Price Play Family School

Fisher Price Play Family School

I have no hard proof, but I have to believe that the Fisher Price School House was the most ubiquitous of the Play Family sets. it seemed like there was one of these in eery home, and the magnet letters seemed to be on just about everyone’s fridge (I just bought those magnets for my fridge tonight in honor of this classic playset). What could possibly be better than playacting learning in a little red school house? It’s kind of a nostalgia in toys back in the 70s, dreaming of a time when school and learning wasn’t framed on the scale and infused with a test-based logic that suffocate and possibility of play. As an edtech loser, I should have the little red schoolhouse on my desk as a constant reminder of what the internet provides us, a way back.

And as a compelement to my last posts on all things Fisher Price Play Family sets, here is an image of a number of these amazing toys from the 1976 JC Penney Xmas Catalog.

Image credit: Wishbook’s “1976.xx.xx JCPenney Christmas Catalog P357”

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4 Responses to Day 10: Fisher Price Play Family School House

  1. Tim B. says:


    Between my sister and me, we had all of Fisher-Price sets on this page. My mom even kept most of them around for our kids to play with when they visited.

    Happy Christmas to you.


  2. Reverend says:

    I’m jealous, I loved these play sets, and really wish I had a couple around for my kids. Can we all come to your mom’s house? 🙂

    Have a great Xmas, and a wonderful New Year. See you on the other side.

  3. Jane says:


    My 2 year old grandaughter plays with my set every time she comes over. She heads straight for it. My grandsons have also enjoyed it over the years. My 41 year old daughter and her 3 siblings all played with it. Love it. Will never get rid of it. Very special. We have everything but the chalk and eraser.


  4. Elspie Caterer says:

    I have the old Fisher Price School House, that all my children played with and my three oldest grandchildren played with, now 17 years later I have a new grandchild to play with it and I am missing the letter B, does any one have one for sale.

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