Day 101: Snoopy’s Scooter Shooter

Image credit: Wishbook’s “1976.xx.xx JCPenney Christmas Catalog P350”

There are a range of Snoopy toys I had as a kid, and I will probably touch on a few more of them before this series is over—although no guarantees given I’m discovering ten more toys every day—but Snoopy’s Scooter Shooter was a blast. I mean this is one of those toys that is perfect and design and execution, even if it’s bound to break in the first day or two. Although, in all fairness, the Scooter Shooter lasted a while for me, it was rather sturdy in the end, and the shooter part of the the set was designed kinda like motorcycle handlebars to give the effect that you were actually driving Snoopy’s Scooter—something I marveled at as a kid. What’s more, the toy could get some air, and I used to shoot it off the ramp from our dining room table through a French Door and into our den. If I were to guess, I would say it traveled a solid 4′-6′ through the air before it crash-landed on our shaggy 70s carpet. And as I recall, Woodstock never fell off the back of the scooter during any of these jumps, which is remarkable in and of itself.

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5 Responses to Day 101: Snoopy’s Scooter Shooter

  1. Terry K says:

    You left out the part of shooting it at a vulnerable person, like one of your siblings.

  2. Belinda says:

    I loved my snoopy scotter shooter got busted open head once when it went behind the TV set hit my head on the corner of the TV and had a nice gash

  3. Bob says:

    I have one that was bought for me for Christmas when I was 4 or 5 years old. Never used it and it is in perfect condition. We found it when my parents retired and were cleaning out their house to move out west. They stashed it for Christmas and forgot about it for 30 years. What do you think it is worth?

  4. todd says:

    i got this for my 3rd birthday and can vividly remember my sister throwing it down the basement steps(ON MY BDAY!) and breaking it. so as any younger brother would do……….i reminded her of it for 30 years and one day low n behold she found one online and bought it for me.

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