Day 104: “Emergency! Emergency!” Paramedic Van

Image credit: Wishbook’s “1979.xx.xx Sears Christmas Catalog P597”

This was one of those bizarre toys that is right out of something from an early John Waters film , or even Infocult.The whole idea of this toy is macabre, you have to get the dying patient to the hospital ASAP. And the equipment in the ambulance is remarkably realistic looking, you can actually identify the blood transfusion equipment, hypodermics, and oxygen mask in the ad above—the whole thing was pretty insane in retrospect. I’m surprised I wasn’t running I.V.s on my younger sister or setting a tourniquet on the family dog Thurman.

It reminds me of this scene from John Waters’ Female Trouble (you have to go to 3:06 for the Taffy’s trauma scene, but it is worth it 🙂 )

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  1. kevin says:

    I’m trying to track this toy down for my girlfriend who has wanted this for years. Any idea where I might locate one?

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