Digital Pedagogy, Empowered Choice, and Personal Domains

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind the last week or so. I flew back to Virginia from University of Pacific Saturday morning and then dropped the family off at JFK in NYC on Sunday for our extended Italian sojourn. When it was all done and they were safely away, it felt like the end of that scene in Empire Strikes Back when the convoy from Hoth gets past the imperial fleet:

Thank god for those ion cannons!

I meant to write briefly about my presentation at Pacific, which I was lucky enough to be invited by Terri Johnson and Carrie Schroeder to give to a lecture hall full of students. It was the first time my audience was predominantly students, and I was really loving the energy in the room. The idea of owning the trace of your learning and pushing forward on the ideas of Personal Learning Spaces and Personal APIs continues to drive the work we are doing at Reclaim Hosting. Tim and I are fortunate enough to be heading out to BYU next week to further hone this vision and start imagining how Reclaim Hosting can help support these personal learning spaces.


Much of my recent thinking has been pointing towards the idea of empowerment as not so focused on ownership, but also the opportunities for deep pedagogical transformation —inspired by the deep, sharp thinking of Andrew Rickard. I also pull heavily from Mark Sample’s brilliant post framing how they’re rolling out year 2 of Domain of One’s Own at Davidson College. I’m also able to start exploring work happening at other universities beyond UMW, such as this brilliant blog post by Cody Alan Taylor at University of Oklahoma that captures the spirit of narrating your learning which is the key to the transformative spirit of Domains that could prove radical. Projects like Adam Croom’s awesome feature blog highlights the best around OU Create—which is how you build community, momentum, and a broader culture shift! This stuff matters, and there are great examples of amazing people making a difference at their schools.

I had fun with this presentation. It marks a bit of a departure from some of the talks I’ve been giving recently, It has enabled me to focus on the wider world of the Reclaim universe, and I can see already it is so vast and rich. I’m about return to some old school bava blogging about sites, projects, and people that inspire. Is there a better job for me? The video is 45 minutes, and it is interesting that I have become somewhat of a veteran presenter. I have “goto” moments and stories I bust out to bring the audience in (“Civil War current event in Freddy”) to connect with them and then get to the larger ideas across. I love to present, when I am feeling it I almost feel like I could pull off a full blown edtech comedy routine, and one of these times I just might 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 5.37.42 PM

Click image to be taken to a recording of the talk

Here’s some slides in the unlikely event you’re interested in following along.

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