DivShare Strikes Back?

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I was a little scared a while back when I read Brian’s post wondering whether DivShare was on its way out. There has been a big update on their blog recently, and the latest news suggests that they are back in full-swing:

The blog is back, and we’ve got some great announcements about the future of DivShare. Over the past two months, we’ve been building up our network of servers, working with new partners and investors, even turning down some big buyout offers. Today, we’ll start to unveil the new features and changes that will make DivShare the most powerful and professional media and document-sharing tool on the web in 2008.

I must agree with Brian, the original promise of divShare was a bit much: “No storage limits. No file limits. Your files stay online forever.” So their revised plan to allot users 5 GBs of space free and 50 GBs of downloads each month seems a bit more practical (it’s almost as good as having a GMail account these days).

While a bit gun shy given the speculation surrounding divShare, the service represents a crucial niche for storing and managing files, videos, images, music, etc. that can easily integrate with numerous online services. In fact, when DTLT was discussing the best way for students to upload, manage, and embed audio, we found ourselves scratching our collective head given Odeo has all but gone defunct. DivShare is still the best bet for uploading, managing, and embedding audio we came up with — are we missing something?

All that said, forever is certainly a long time and and while such scares keep us vigilant, I wouldn’t mind seeing DivShare stabilize a bit, particularly because they have such a nice WP Plugin that integrates so beautifully with WPMu 1.3.

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