Docker Con Europe?

Seems the post I wrote a week or so ago about Duke University running their website through Docker got picked up on this week’s Docker newsletter, which is a lot less cultish than the OL Daily. It was then tweeted by the Docker folks yesterday.

Thing about this is it generally reinforces the fact for me that blogging is always about casting out ideas beacons and seeing which ones resonate back to you through time and space. It also reinforces some of the work Tim Owens is imagining when it comes to infrastructure for larger WordPress Multisite installs right now. I will blog about this shortly, because it points to some broader work we have been imagining for a while now.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 2.14.16 AM

Finally, it’s also pushed me a bit closer to attending (and possibly presenting at) Docker Con Europe in Barcelona this November—although tickets are steep! I may even have some projects to talk about by then, and I imagine it would be a great place to start tapping into the conversations folks are having around this infrastructure from a wide range of approaches. I’m still wrapping my head around it all, so all the more reason to go. As for presenting—assuming that’s even possible—still on the fence with that one given I’m a bit out of my depth. Although, what better incentive to get my act together? Could be a place to really dig in on what the Personal API could look like as an abstracted infrastructure à la Docker 🙂

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